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The World Economy
The World Economy

The World Economy , Bücher > Bücher & Zeitschriften

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World Economy And International Business  Kartoniert (TB)
World Economy And International Business Kartoniert (TB)

This textbook offers a comprehensive picture of the world economy the global business environment and international business. The book is divided into three parts the first of which introduces readers to the essentials of the world economy including its typology key concepts and theories the dynamics of the world economy and key actors and institutions. It also addresses macroeconomic and financial indicators for economic growth and forecasting and discusses major modern trends and problems such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution patterns of globalization shifts in global economic power and developmental social and environmental challenges. In turn the second part focuses on the global business environments presenting country and regional studies. The third part addresses macro and micro aspects of international business featuring contributions on topics such as global economic governance global capital flows multinational corporations global value chains international trade and its regulation and practice international knowledge transfer international labor migration as well as foreign aid external debt and business culture in international business.

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Challenges To The World Economy  Kartoniert (TB)
Challenges To The World Economy Kartoniert (TB)

This volume in a sense aims at reflecting the qualities of the honoree and it does so in two respects. On the one hand it covers a great variety of subdisciplines of economics. On the other hand the book ranges from theoretical and mathematical economics to hands-on applied analyses of economic-policy issues. All essays are driven by the aspiration to better understand the economy and to draw relevant conclusions for economic policy. The book is divided into five parts dealing with the German economy European economic issues global markets international trade theory and policy and natural resources and the environment.

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Labor Mobility And The World Economy  Kartoniert (TB)
Labor Mobility And The World Economy Kartoniert (TB)

An increasing number of landings of illegal migrants on the coast of Italy and Spain but also the recent riots car-burnings and street battles that occurred all across France and that have been attributed to the migrant community seem to indicate that migration is likely to stay high on the European policy agenda for some time. The flow of migrants from poor to rich countries does not however constitute a typically European problem. V. S. public policy has also been facing a continued (legal and illegal) inflow of labor from different regions notably Mexico and other Latin American countries. And similar developments in other advanced countries (Australia Canada) as weil as in selected fast-growing emerging markets in Eastern Europe and East Asia imply that these countries too are being compelled to adjust their public policies in order to relieve migratory pressures and deal with their consequences. The world economy already saw rising cross-border labor flows in the 1990s and most forecasts predict that South-North and South-South migration will re main at relatively high levels over the next decades and possibly even turn into a major global challenge for policy makers in the 21st century.

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Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?

"Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?" Kartoniert bedeutet, dass das Buch einen festen Einband aus Karton hat, der mit einem Pa...

"Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?" Kartoniert bedeutet, dass das Buch einen festen Einband aus Karton hat, der mit einem Papier- oder Kunststoffüberzug versehen ist. Im Gegensatz zu einem Hardcover-Buch ist ein kartoniertes Buch in der Regel leichter und flexibler. Diese Art von Einband wird häufig bei Taschenbüchern verwendet, da sie kostengünstiger herzustellen ist. Trotzdem bietet ein kartoniertes Buch eine gute Stabilität und Schutz für die Seiten.

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Der Unterschied zwischen kartoniert und fester Einband liegt in der Art und Stärke des Materials, das für den Einband eines Buches...

Der Unterschied zwischen kartoniert und fester Einband liegt in der Art und Stärke des Materials, das für den Einband eines Buches verwendet wird. Bei einem kartonierten Buch wird ein dünnerer Karton für den Einband verwendet, der flexibler ist und sich leichter biegen lässt. Ein Buch mit festem Einband hingegen hat einen Einband aus einem dickeren und stabileren Material, wie beispielsweise Leinen oder Kunstleder, das dem Buch mehr Stabilität und Langlebigkeit verleiht. Bücher mit festem Einband sind in der Regel hochwertiger und langlebiger als kartonierte Bücher.

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Digital Transformation And The World Economy  Kartoniert (TB)
Digital Transformation And The World Economy Kartoniert (TB)

Nanotechnology biotechnology information technology and cognitive sciences are contributing to the emergence of intelligent computers and robots with elements of artificial intelligence and intelligent machines. This book postulates that these developments are accelerating the technological substitution of jobs and the shift in labor demand towards high qualification levels putting the jobs of lower-skilled labor at risk. The digital economy is poised to increase the demand for highly qualified specialists in STEM fields (scientific research innovative technologies engineering and mathematics serving digital technologies). In addition highly skilled robotics engineers AI and machine learning specialists and virtual and augmented reality architects will be required. This book using sector-focused mathematical models explores how the demand for specialized human capital will play a decisive role in increasing the efficiency and productivity of labor in the digitaleconomy. Success is guaranteed to those entrepreneurs who manage to establish a successful process of interaction with intelligent machines which will require a deep restructuring of the training system for the digital economy.

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The Future Of The World Economy  Kartoniert (TB)
The Future Of The World Economy Kartoniert (TB)

Economic growth and structural change - the future of the world economy - is analysed in this book. Conditional forecasts are given for the economic development of the most important world market countries till the year 2000. The driving forces of economic growth are identified and forecasted in connection with collaborating scholars in most of these countries and with international organizations. This information is used in solving a coherent world model. The model consists of linked growth models for each country (or groups of countries). The solutions show that the inequality in international income distribution will further increase and that the CMEA and OECD countries will approximately keep their relative positions with some changes within these groups. Structural change is also analysed. Additionally separate forecasts prepared by each collaborating country group are given and may be compared with the forecasts by the world model. The book closes with chapters on special features of the future economic development: on the international debt problem on long waves on structural change in the world trade on the emergence of service economics and on the comparison of GDP and NMP national accounting.

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European Integration In The World Economy  Kartoniert (TB)
European Integration In The World Economy Kartoniert (TB)

Hans-Jtlrgen Vosgerau The world economy has been subjected to extreme changes during the last three years. These changes affect not only trade flows financial transfers and movements of people but also the institutional framework. The ongoing process of European integration has to be viewed in this global context and that is what the present volume tries to do for six important problem areas viz. the field of Money Currency and International Stabilization; Federal Tax Systems and the European Community; the area of International Factor Mobility; the International Debt Problem; the Econometrics of Internation~ Trade; and aspects of International Political Economy. In each chapter an effort is made to direct attention to the connections between international economic transactions of various kinds and the political and legal institutions which constitute the organizational framework. The 26 contributions are revised versions of papers originally presented at the Second Konstanz Symposium on International Economics and Institutions which was organized by the Long-term Research Programme (Sonderfor schungsbereich) Internationalization of the Economy on October 1 and 2 1990. The majority of contributions are reports on research conducted in the Sonderforschungsbereich during the preceding years and in most cases supple mented by comments from invited guests. In addition there are some important papers contributed by colleagues from outside most of whom have close co operative relations with members of the Sonderforschungsbereich.

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Fuelling the World Economy
Fuelling the World Economy

Fuelling the World Economy , This book explores the functioning of coal markets and their influence on ports and maritime economics since the second half of the nineteenth century. Each chapter includes case studies from different parts of the world, explaining the role played by coal in the expansion of the shipping industry. This book also explores regions usually neglected by the mainstream scholarly literature in this field. The relationship between steam engine technology and imperial expansion, how the emergence of global security was driven by maritime technological revolutions, and the connection between global seaports and the spread of global economic and political systems are also discussed. This book aims to highlight the important role seaports and fuel markets played in the evolution of international commercial flows and activities. Fuelling the World Economy will be useful for historians, economists, and geographers interested in maritime and energyissues, as well as researchers interested in transport and technology. , Studium & Erwachsenenbildung > Fachbücher, Lernen & Nachschlagen

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Emu  Financial Markets And The World Economy  Kartoniert (TB)
Emu Financial Markets And The World Economy Kartoniert (TB)

This book is based on the conference EMU and the Outside World held at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) December 11 1998. The conference was organized by the Swiss Institute for Business Cycle Research (KOF) which is supported jointly by the ETH and the Swiss Society for Business Cycle Research (SGK) an organization comprising representatives from private industry the Swiss National Bank and public authorities. On the eve of the final stage of European Economic and Mone tary Union (EMU) Zurich seemed to be a particularly appropriate place for such a conference. On the one hand given its location and economic and financial links with the euro area Switzerland is one of the outside coun tries most affected by EMU. On the other hand it was nowhere else than in Zurich where the vision of a United States of Europe was expressed for the first time by Winston Churchill in his speech on September 19 1946. For many EMU is a step in that direction whether welcome or not. Most of the papers appearing in this volume were presented at the con ference and have been revised and updated. Three contributions chapter 11- 13 were commissioned specially for this publication. Besides the authors of the chapters special thanks are due to Guido Boller Robert McCauley Umberto Schwarz and Charles Wyplosz.

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Contesting Malaysia's Integration Into The World Economy  Kartoniert (TB)
Contesting Malaysia's Integration Into The World Economy Kartoniert (TB)

This book brings together a set of incisive essays that interrogate Malaysian history and social relations which began during pre-colonial times and extended to colonial and post-colonial Malaysia. It addresses economic misinterpretations of the role of markets in the way colonial industrialisation evolved the nature of exploitation of workers and the participation of local actors in shaping a wide range of socioeconomic and political processes. In doing so it takes the lead from the innovative historian Shaharil Talib Robert who argued that the recrafting of history should go beyond the use of conventional methodologies and analytic techniques. It is in that tradition that the chapters offer a semblance of causality contingency contradictions and connections. With that the analysis in each chapter utilises approaches appropriate for the topics chosen which include history anthropology sociology economics politics and international relations. The collection of chapters also offer novel interpretations to contest and fill gaps that have not been addressed in past works. The book is essential reading for history students and those interested in Malaysian history in particular.

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Democracy And An Open-Economy World Order  Kartoniert (TB)
Democracy And An Open-Economy World Order Kartoniert (TB)

The essays in this volume explore several key issues facing democracies today. They discuss the dilemma of how to protect civil liberties and individual freedoms in the light of external threats and assess the policies adopted by governments in this area. The book also addresses the question of how free exactly free markets should be in an economy in order to secure social peace before going on to highlight the rudiments of the model of social market economy as applied in Germany. It examines the problem of the democratic and legitimacy deficits that beset European integration and suggests reforms for a more democratic European Union. Last but not least by looking back in history they provide evidence and propose policies for the revitalization of institutions in present-day democracies. The book is of considerable interest to researchers and students in economics and political science as well as to readers who wish to gain insights into the thorny social issues involved.

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World Economy and International Business
World Economy and International Business

World Economy and International Business , Theories, Trends, and Challenges , Studium & Erwachsenenbildung > Fachbücher, Lernen & Nachschlagen

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